Application Management

Application Management within Payara Cloud is your control center for managing applications. Here, you can configure, deploy, and group applications into namespaces.


In Payara Cloud, your subscription acts as a billing unit and allows you to create multiple namespaces. A namespace is essentially a logical grouping of applications.

Although all applications within a subscription are deployed on a single Payara Cloud cluster, they remain isolated from each other. These applications share a single domain but are distinguishable on the internet through unique sub-paths.

A namespace comprises two elements:

  • Project - Defines the purpose of the applications

  • Stage - Indicates the deployment phase of the project, such as "dev", "testing", or "production"

Accessing Application Management

To access the Application Management area, click the Log In button on the Payara Cloud homepage or visit directly.

For a step-by-step login guide, see Registering and Logging In.

Namespace List

Figure 1. Application Management main screen
Main Navigation Elements
  • ❶ Access your account information and recent activity notifications

  • ❷ Switch between different subscriptions

  • ❸ Navigate to specific namespaces

  • ❹ Access individual applications within a namespace

  • ❺ View summaries and main actions related to the current screen

  • ❻ Share your experience with Payara Cloud

Top Information Area

User Menu

The user menu in the top-right corner lets you access your profile, manage user preferences and billing, and log out.


The notification button alerts you to deployment updates or announcements related to your clusters. Notifications only display information about the subscription you’re currently viewing.


Subscription Selection

Clicking the subscription name will navigate you to Namespace List screen — the one you see in the screenshot above.

In case you have multiple subscriptions, you can switch between them using the dropdown menu here:

  • Extending the menu show item "Other subscription", which leads to subscription list screen.

  • Extending the menu further allows to directly switch to another subscription

Namespace List

Next section of the sidebar is the list of namespaces in the subscription. Clicking on the title will take you to namespace detail screen.

Application List

Should you expand the namespace, you will see the list of applications in the namespace and can navigate directly to application detail screen.


The feedback button allows you to submit feedback about your experience with Payara Cloud.

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Your feedback is valuable to us. Click the feedback button to share your Payara Cloud experience. Please include your email for follow-up and consider sharing data about your current environment for context.