Accessing Applications in Payara Cloud

Payara Cloud organizes applications within distinct Namespaces. Follow these steps to interact with your applications:

Locate the Namespace: First, identify the Namespace where your application is deployed. This can be done by navigating to the Namespace list section.

application 4 namespace list
Figure 1. Namespace list

View Applications: Each Namespace represents a list of its associated applications.

Namespace Detail Screen
Figure 2. Namespace with application list
Namespace homepage
  • ❶ Namespace name in which application is deployed

  • ❷ Base URL of the Namespace

  • ❸ Table of applications in the Namespace

  • ❹ Application name

  • ❺ Application status. An application can have PENDING, CONFIGURED or DEPLOYED status at any point in time

  • ❻ Internet accessible URL of the deployed application

  • ❼ Button to create and upload new application to this Namespace

The Applications table provides a comprehensive overview of all applications within the current Namespace. To open a specific application, click on its name. This action will direct you to the application detail page. Additionally, you can access a deployed application directly by clicking on its "Live URL."