Managing Subscriptions in Payara Cloud

Payara Cloud uses subscriptions as the primary billing unit. All application usage across various namespaces gets consolidated into a single invoice, simplifying the billing process.

A single Billing Manager can oversee multiple subscriptions. These subscriptions can be associated with different companies and utilize various payment methods.

Starting New Subscription

Free Trial

For new users, the best way to begin is with our free trial. A detailed guide to get you started is available here: Sign Up To Payara Cloud.

If you’re an existing Payara Cloud user, you can easily create additional subscriptions. You have the option to either reusing existing invoicing data or provide new invoicing data for these new subscriptions.

Cancelling Subscription

A subscription can be cancelled at any time by following procedure listed in Cancelling a Subscription.


Payara Cloud issues invoices in 30-day cycles, which include:

  1. Fixed Monthly Fee: This is charged in advance for the upcoming billing period.

  2. Variable Fee: This fee covers any usage that exceeds your plan’s prepaid volume in the previous billing period.

Consumption Measurement

Billing is based on vCPU-minutes. Each plan includes a set amount of prepaid vCPU-minutes per month, calculated as 30 days' worth of minutes per vCPU (43,200 minutes). For instance:

  1. The Basic plan includes 172,800 minutes.

  2. The Standard and Premium plans include 691,200 minutes.

This 30-day cycle basis for billing periods is why they do not always align with calendar months.

Payment Options

Payara Cloud accepts both credit and debit card payments. We use Stripe as our trusted payment processor to ensure secure transactions.