MicroProfile Config

Payara Cloud provides an intuitive dashboard for managing MicroProfile Config properties used in your application.

You can add, update and remove MicroProfile Config properties set in your application on the MicroProfile Config panel on the application configuration dashboard.

application 14 mp config
Figure 1. MicroProfile Config settings
  • ❶ Restrict Fields: This option allows you to mark fields as restricted for confidentiality. Values of restricted fields will be represented as * characters

  • ❷ Add Config Property: Clicking this button opens up the form to add a new MicroProfile Config property for your application

Adding Configuration Properties

You can create new MicroProfile Config properties by clicking the Add Configuration Key.

application 19 add config key
Figure 2. Add MicroProfile Config Key

Add Config Key

  • ❶ Name of MicroProfile Config property

  • ❷ Click to add property

Clicking Add Property creates a new text box to enter a value.

application 20 set prop value
Figure 3. Add MicroProfile Config Key

Click Save to save property value.

Restricting Fields

You can restrict MicroProfile Config properties by clicking the Restricted Fields link on the MicroProfile Config panel. Clicking that button brings up the restrict fields option as shown below.

application 15 restrict fields
Figure 4. Restrict fields option

You can select any number of fields to set as restricted. Clicking save, the restricted fields will be rendered as follows.

application 16 restrected fields
Figure 5. Restricted config fields