Application Runtime and Scaling

You can select the scaling method and runtime size of your Payara Cloud application on the application configuration dashboard

application 17 runtime size
Figure 1. Application scaling and runtime size options
  • ❶ Scalability Type: There are three scalability types you can choose from for your application.

  • ❷ Runtime Size: The runtime or "CPU size" that powers your application.

  • ❸ Runtime Type: The underlying combination of Java and Jakarta EE versions that your application is developed against.

  • ❹ Rollover Time: The rollover time for new uploaded application versions to replace the currently deployed version.

Scalability Types

There are three stability types in Payara Cloud. These are Rolling Upgrade, Singleton and Horizontal Scaling.

application 18 scalability
Figure 2. Application Scalability Types

Rolling Upgrade

This is the default scaling type. A new application version is deployed and the prior one is terminated when the newly deployed version reports its readiness. Payara Cloud determines the readiness of an application by calling the MicroProfile Health endpoint if one is bundled with the application. If not then the default health endpoint of the underlying Payara Micro instance is called. Rolling upgrade scalability type can be configured through the Rollover Time.

Table 1. Rollover Time configuration options
Setting Description


Prior application version is shutdown immediately new one reports its readiness


Prior application version is shutdown after a 90-second timeout after the new version reports its readiness


The singleton scalability type allows only one running instance of the application. The current running instance is terminated before a new version is deployed.

Depending on the speed of your deployment, there may be a brief moment when your application is not accessible as the new version gets deployed.

Horizontal Scaling

application 19 horizontal scaling
Figure 3. Horizontal Scaling
  • ❶ Number of replicas: Between 2 and 8 replicas can be configured

  • ❷ Domain Data Grid: Enable or disable Payara Domain Data Grid

Horizontal scaling allows for configuring up to 8 application replicas. Payara Cloud will create and destroy the replicas as needed based on application load. You can also enable Data Grid Mode to take advantage of Payara Data Grid for the application.