pcl-deploy - Deploy an existing application.


pcl deploy [-ehqV] [-a=<applicationName>] [-n=<namespaceName>] [-o=<outputFormat>] [-s=<subscriptionName>] [-t=<timeout>]


Deploy an existing application. This operation is usually performed after reconfiguring application with command configure.


-a, --application=<applicationName>

Name of application to manage.

Not required for commands listed by -n option, as well as list-applications and upload.

-e, --fail-early

Fail command immediately after first deployment problem instead of waiting for timeout on client or backend side

There are certain scenarios when deployment can succeed despite deployment problems reported.

It is therefore not guaranteed that application deployment that failed with early warning will not start up later.

-h, --help

Show this help message and exit.

-n, --namespace=<namespaceName>

Name of namespace to manage.

Required for all commands except login, list-namespaces and create-namespace.

-o, --output=<outputFormat>

Output format. Allowed values: TEXT, JSON.

-q, --quiet

Quiet output.

Only result of operations will be displayed to stdout, or error message to stderrr.

-s, --subscription=<subscriptionName>

Name of subscription to use. Only necessary when account has access to multiple subscriptions.

-t, --timeout=<timeout>

Duration in seconds specifying how long to wait for deployment to complete

This is client side timeout which doesn’t affect deployment process in Payara Cloud. It is therefore not guaranteed that application deployment that failed due to this time out will not eventually start up later.

-V, --version

Print version information and exit.

Exit status


Deployment finished successfully


Deployment failed


Deployment failed due to problem reported and --fail-early option passed


Deployment timed out on client-side.