pcl-scale - Scale an application


pcl scale [-hqV] [-a=<applicationName>] --instances=<instances> [-n=<namespaceName>] [-o=<outputFormat>] [-s=<subscriptionName>]


Scale an application Application can be scaled by passing the number of instances to scale


-a, --application=<applicationName>

Name of application to manage.

Not required for commands listed by -n option, as well as list-applications and upload.

-h, --help

Show this help message and exit.


State number of instances between 1 and 8

-n, --namespace=<namespaceName>

Name of namespace to manage.

Required for all commands except login, list-namespaces and create-namespace.

-o, --output=<outputFormat>

Output format. Allowed values: TEXT, JSON.

-q, --quiet

Quiet output.

Only result of operations will be displayed to stdout, or error message to stderrr.

-s, --subscription=<subscriptionName>

Name of subscription to use. Only necessary when account has access to multiple subscriptions.

-V, --version

Print version information and exit.