Managing Namespaces

The Namespace details page is your central hub for managing a specific Namespace within Payara Cloud.

Namespace Detail Screen
Figure 1. Namespace detail page
Navigation and Features
  • Applications Count: Displays the total number of applications within this Namespace

  • Hosting Region: Indicates the geographic location where the Namespace is hosted

  • Root URL: The base URL for the Namespace; all applications deployed within the namespace will be accessible as sub-paths

  • Namespace Actions: A menu for essential actions like creating new applications, searching logs, or deleting the Namespace

  • Namespace Statistics: Visual graphs depicting aggregated Namespace statistics

  • Applications List: An overview of applications, including names, statuses (Configured, Running, Stopped), and URLs

  • Application Access URL: The internet-accessible endpoint for each application, appended to the base Namespace URL

  • New Application Button: Initiates the creation and uploading process for a new applications to the Namespace

  • Namespace Selector: A dropdown to navigate between different Namespaces easily

From this page, you can perform a range of tasks from deploying new applications to monitoring the health and status of existing ones. The layout ensures that you have quick access to all necessary information and functionalities to manage your Namespaces effectively.