Billing Management

The Billing Management section in Payara Cloud provides a centralized interface to manage the billing aspects of your subscription, control user access, and adjust user preferences.

Screenshot of Billing Management Screen
Figure 1. Billing Management Screen
Main Navigation Elements
  • ❶ User Menu

  • ❷ Subscriptions

  • ❸ Subscription Management

  • ❹ Manage Applications

User Menu

The user menu, located in the top right corner with your avatar, provides a dropdown menu for the current user.

User Preferences

Allows modification of user preferences.


A subscription represents a billing unit within Payara Cloud. As a user, you may have a single subscription or access to multiple subscriptions, each with varying roles.

If you are not yet a Payara Cloud user, you need to sign up first.

Once you expand the menu on the left side of the screen and select Subscriptions, the following options are presented:

View All Subscriptions

Select a current subscription.

Create New Subscription

Sign up for an additional subscription.

Subscription Management

For the current subscription, the following actions can be performed. Note that the availability of actions may be dictated by your role within the subscription.

  • Edit subscription name

  • View current usage

  • Set usage alerts

Manage Billing
  • Update payment and billing information

  • View invoices

  • Cancel plan

Manage Users
  • Invite users to subscription

  • Manage user roles

  • Remove users