Manage Users

Payara Cloud enables you to have multiple users accessing your subscription. To facilitate this, you invite users to your subscription via email. Upon receiving the invitation, they can register for a new Payara Cloud account or use their existing one to access the subscription.


In Payara Cloud, users can have different roles, each with its own set of permissions:

Billing Manager

Users with this role have access to all billing and payment information related to the subscription. They can also invite new users to the subscription and modify their roles, though they may not have permissions to deploy applications to Payara Cloud.


Administrators possess full permissions to deploy and configure applications on Payara Cloud. They can also invite new users to the subscription and modify their roles.

Billing Manager with Administrative Privileges

This role combines the privileges of both the Billing Manager and Administrator roles, providing all available permissions. When you sign up for Payara Cloud, this is the default role assigned to your subscription.


Members have limited access to the subscription’s applications; specifically, they cannot create, delete, or modify namespaces.

Role Requirements

A subscription must always have at least one user in the Billing Manager role and one in the Administrator role. This requirement can also be satisfied by a single user with the Billing Manager with Administrative Privileges role.

Manage Subscription Users Screen

User management activities are performed in the Manage Users section.

Screenshot of Manage Users screen
Figure 1. Manage Users Screen
  • Invite New User

  • Roles of the respective user

  • ❸ Status of the user

  • ❹ Additional actions available in the dropdown menu

Inviting New User

Click Add User to begin.

Screenshot of Add User page

Enter their email address and select the role they should have in the subscription once they accept it. The option to grant Administrative privileges to a Billing Manager is only available when the Billing Manager role is selected. Only a Billing Manager can grant or remove Billing Manager roles in the subscription.

Click Add User to send an invitation email to the provided email address. The user’s email will appear in the list with a status of Pending.

Screenshot of invitation email

Following the link Signup to Payara Cloud will lead to the signup prompt.

Screenshot of signup screen

The email used for registration does not need to match the email to which the invitation was sent. Users can also choose to use their existing Google or GitHub account instead ❷. Signup will fail if the user already has an account. In such a case, they need to select "Already have an account? Log in" ❶.

Afterward, their invitation is accepted.

Screenshot of acceptance screen

Go To Subscription will take them to the Subscription Overview.

The user will be listed as Active on the user list screen after accepting. Acceptance of the invitation may fail if the user is already a member of the subscription, even if they are disabled.

Other Means of Inviting

If the invited user misses the invitation email, the menu action Resend Invite allows for resending the email and also changing the email address of the user being invited.

Clicking Copy Invitation Link will bring you to a page that lists the invitation link the user should follow. With that, you can transfer the link by other means, i.e., instant message. The invitation link is for single use only; no further verification is performed when visiting it, so ensure no unauthorized actors obtain it. Specifically, Payara Cloud Support will never ask you for the invitation link.

Screenshot of Copy Invitation Link

Editing a User

Click Edit User to view the properties of the respective user of this subscription.

Screenshot of Edit User screen

On this screen, you can change the user’s role. Confirm the updates by clicking Update User.

When updating, the requirements for role staffing need to be maintained; otherwise, the update will fail. Only a Billing Manager can grant or remove Billing Manager roles in the subscription.

New roles will take effect the next time the user logs in.

Enabling or Disabling a User

By un-clicking the checkbox Active, the user will become Inactive. An inactive user has no permissions in the subscription. For them, the effect is the same as if they were removed, however, it’s possible to restore their permissions by re-enabling Active without needing to invite the user again.

Removing a User

To completely remove a user, select the Remove User option from the action menu for the respective user.

This action cannot be undone. The user will need to be invited again to regain access to the subscription. To temporarily remove a user, consider disabling the user instead.

Confirmation is required to complete the removal:

Screenshot of Remove User screen

Upon confirmation, the user will be removed from the subscription, and their access will be revoked. They will need to be re-invited to regain access to the subscription.