Registering and Logging In

Payara Cloud streamlines user authentication with three convenient options:

  1. Email and Password

  2. GitHub Account

  3. Google Account

Email and Password

Upon visiting the Payara Cloud Billing Management console, you’re greeted with a registration screen:

Screenshot of signup screen
Figure 1. Payara Cloud Signup Screen

This method differentiates between new signups and existing account logins. If you’re already a member, simply click on "Already have an account? Log in" ❶ button.

Should you attempt to register an existing account, an error message will appear:

Something went wrong, please try again later

Resetting Password

If you forgot your password it is possible to reset it by clicking Forgot password? on the Log In screen:

login screen
Figure 2. Log In Screen with option to reset password

Enter your username or email address on the subsequent screen:

pw reset 01
Figure 3. Password Reset Screen

After clicking Continue, an email will be sent to the corresponding user:

pw reset 02
Figure 4. Password Reset Confirmation

The email looks like this:

pw reset 03
Figure 5. Password Reset Email

This email guides you to the password reset page:

pw reset 04
Figure 6. Password Reset Page
The legitimate password reset feature operates exclusively on the domain Confirm you are on that page before entering your new password.

GitHub Account

Selecting the GitHub login method will redirect you to GitHub login page:

Github Login Page
Figure 7. GitHub Login Prompt

For first-time logins, GitHub will request authorization for Payara Cloud to access your account:

Github Authorisation Page
Figure 8. GitHub Authorization Prompt

Google Account

Opting for the Google login method similarly redirects you to the Google login page:

google 01
Figure 9. Google Login Prompt