Starting a Subscription

Selecting a Plan

Choose from a variety of Payara Cloud plans tailored to your needs. Each plan offers a specific amount of prepaid CPU time per month, a maximum instance size, and additional features like custom domain support.

Plan selection dialog
Figure 1. Plan selection

The first step of the Signup process is to select a plan. After making your selection and clicking Continue to Invoicing, a summary of your chosen plan appears above the invoicing details form. To change your plan, click Change Subscription.

Confirmation of selecting plan

Trial Plan

For the Payara Cloud Trial, select the plan you intend to upgrade to post-trial. You can cancel before the trial’s end without charge.

The trial plan limits usage to a maximum of 4 vCPU cores.

Invoicing Details

Next, fill in your invoicing details:

Invoicing details form
Figure 2. Invoicing details
Contact Name and Email

Enter the contact details for receiving notifications and invoices. It defaults to your account’s email; modify if needed for different invoicing.

Company Name, Address, City, Zip Code, Country

Provide your company’s invoicing information for the invoice.

Tax ID Type, Tax ID

If VAT-registered, enter your VAT ID. Our payment processor will validate it according to the given ID Type. Tax type updates based on the selected country.

Click Continue to payment after filling in the details.

EU VAT Requirements

EU-based companies must submit a valid VAT ID, verified against the EU VIES database.

Payment method

Finally, authorize a payment method for automated invoice settlement. Clicking Confirm payment details might redirect you to your bank for payment authorization.

Your card is charged at the trial’s end and then at each billing period’s start.

cloud trial image4
Figure 3. Payment method dialog


Agree to Payara Cloud’s Terms and Conditions. You can also choose to opt in for product updates via email to complete the process.

cloud trial image5
Figure 4. Confirmation


You’ll then be directed to the Payara Cloud Application Management console. Account provisioning may take a few minutes. Welcome to Payara Cloud!