Configures a specific performance metric service.

This command is deprecated and will be removed in a future release as it has been replaced by the set-healthcheck-service-configuration command.


asadmin [asadmin-options] healthcheck-configure-service-threshold
[--target target]


Configures CRITICAL, WARNING and GOOD threshold range values for a service checker. The dynamic attribute should be set to true in order to apply the changes directly.

This command only configures thresholds for the following checkers:

  • CPU Usage

  • Connection Pool

  • Heap Memory Usage

  • Machine Memory Usage



Options for the asadmin utility. For information about these options, see the asadmin help page.


Displays the help text for the subcommand.


This option helps specify the target on which you are configuring the Healthcheck performance metric service. Valid values are:


Applies to the default server instance. This is the default value.


Applies to every server instance in the cluster.


Applies to a specified server instance.


Defaults to false. Enables or disables the healthcheck service


Defaults to false. When set to true, applies the changes without a server restart.


The performance service metric name. Required.

One of:

  • connection-pool or cp

  • cpu-usage or cu

  • heap-memory-usage or hmu

  • machine-memory-usage or mmu


Defaults to 90. The threshold value that this metric must surpass to generate a CRITICAL event.

A value between WARNING VALUE and 100 must be used.


Defaults to 50. The threshold value that this metric must surpass to generate a WARNING event.

A value between GOOD VALUE and WARNING VALUE must be used.


Defaults to 0. The threshold value that this metric must surpass to generate a GOOD event.

A value between 0 and WARNING VALUE must be used.


Example 1 JDBC Connection Pools Health monitoring

Monitoring the health of JDBC connection pools is a common need. In that scenario, it is very unlikely that on-the-fly configuration changes would be made, so a very high CRITICAL threshold can be set. Likewise, a nonzero GOOD threshold is needed because an empty or unused connection pool may not be healthy either.

The following command would apply these settings to the connection pool checker:

asadmin healthcheck-configure-service-threshold --serviceName=healthcheck-cpool --dynamic=true --thresholdCritical=95 --thresholdWarning=70 --thresholdGood=30

Exit Status


subcommand executed successfully


error in executing the subcommand

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