Sets HTTP parameters for a protocol.


asadmin [asadmin-options] create-http [--help]
--default-virtual-server virtual-server
[--request-timeout-seconds timeout]
[--timeout-seconds timeout]
[--max-connection max-keepalive]
[--servername server-name]
[--target target]


The create-http subcommand creates a set of HTTP parameters for a protocol, which in turn configures one or more network listeners. This subcommand is supported in remote mode only.



Options for the asadmin utility. For information about these options, see the asadmin help page.


Displays the help text for the subcommand.


The ID attribute of the default virtual server for the associated network listeners.


The time in seconds at which the request times out. If you do not set this option, the request times out in 30 seconds.


The maximum time in seconds for which a keep alive connection is kept open. A value of 0 or less means keep alive connections are kept open indefinitely. The default is 30.


The maximum number of HTTP requests that can be pipelined until the connection is closed by the server. Set this property to 1 to disable HTTP/1.0 keep-alive, as well as HTTP/1.1 keep-alive and pipelining. The default is 256.


If set to true, looks up the DNS entry for the client. The default is false.


Tells the server what to put in the host name section of any URLs it sends to the client. This affects URLs the server automatically generates; it doesn’t affect the URLs for directories and files stored in the server. This name should be the alias name if your server uses an alias. If a colon and port number are appended, that port will be used in URLs that the server sends to the client.


Creates the set of HTTP parameters only on the specified target. Valid values are as follows:


Creates the set of HTTP parameters on the default server instance. This is the default value.


Creates the set of HTTP parameters in the specified configuration.


Creates the set of HTTP parameters on all server instances in the specified cluster.


Creates the set of HTTP parameters on the specified standalone server instance.



The name of the protocol to which this HTTP parameter set applies.


Example 1 Using the create-http Subcommand

The following command creates an HTTP parameter set for the protocol named http-1:

asadmin> create-http --timeout-seconds 60 --default-virtual-server server http-1
Command create-http executed successfully.

Exit Status


command executed successfully


error in executing the command

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