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Payara Server began life in 2014, derived from GlassFish 4.1. Since then, Payara Server has been refined with bug fixes, enhanced with new features, and has grown a strong community following. The documentation here will be updated with all the significant changes made with each new release.

Payara Server Documentation

The documentation of Payara Server distribution. Provides information about configuring and administering Payara Server, as well as how to deploy applications and how to use provided resources in deployed applications.

Payara Micro Documentation

The documentation of Payara Micro edition, which is a single file runtime capable of running applications from the command line. Payara Micro is designed to run applications in cloud and containerized environments a well as in embedded and IoT devices. It provides most of the functionality of Payara Server, adding some specific features for flexible deployments and ease of use.

Most of the Payara Server documentation also applies to Payara Micro unless stated otherwise
User Guides

Useful guides and tutorials.