Creates a security map for the specified connector connection pool.


asadmin [asadmin-options] create-connector-security-map [--help]
--poolname connector_connection_pool_name
[--principals principal-name1[,principal-name2]*]
[--usergroups user-group1[,user-group2]*]
[--mappedusername user-name]
[--target target]


The create-connector-security-map subcommand creates a security map for the specified connector connection pool. If the security map is not present, a new one is created. This subcommand can also map the caller identity of the application (principal or user group) to a suitable enterprise information system (EIS) principal in container-managed authentication scenarios. The EIS is any system that holds the data of an organization. It can be a mainframe, a messaging system, a database system, or an application. One or more named security maps can be associated with a connector connection pool. The connector security map configuration supports the use of the wild card asterisk (*) to indicate all users or all user groups.

To specify the EIS password, you can add the AS_ADMIN_MAPPEDPASSWORD entry to the password file, then specify the file by using the --passwordfile asadmin utility option.

For this subcommand to succeed, you must have first created a connector connection pool using the create-connector-connection-pool subcommand.

This subcommand is supported in remote mode only.



Options for the asadmin utility. For information about these options, see the asadmin help page.


Displays the help text for the subcommand.


Specifies the name of the connector connection pool to which the security map belongs.


Specifies a list of backend EIS principals. More than one principal can be specified using a comma-separated list. Use either the --principals or --usergroups options, but not both in the same command.


Specifies a list of backend EIS user group. More than one user groups can be specified using a comma separated list. Use either the --principals or --usergroups options, but not both in the same command.


Specifies the EIS username.


Do not specify this option. This option is retained for compatibility with earlier releases. If you specify this option, a syntax error does not occur. Instead, the subcommand runs successfully and displays a warning message that the option is ignored.



The name of the security map to be created.


Example 1 Creating a Connector Security Map

This example creates securityMap1 for the existing connection pool named connector-pool1.

asadmin> create-connector-security-map --poolname connector-pool1
--principals principal1,principal2 --mappedusername backend-username securityMap1
Command create-connector-security-map executed successfully

Exit Status


subcommand executed successfully


error in executing the subcommand

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