Payara Micro tools in VS Code

Using the Payara Tools VS Code extension, you can integrate Payara Micro within the VS Code IDE to create new Payara Micro Maven applications, start, stop and deploy applications to Payara Micro.

The extension also allows you to use the Hot Deploy and AutoDeploy features for a better developer experience.

Creating new Payara Micro Maven Application

  1. Open the command pallet using Ctrl + Shift + P.

  2. Search Generate a Payara Micro project and select the available option:

    Generate Payara Micro Application
  3. Enter the groupId, artifactId and version to setup the project

  4. Select the Payara Micro version and the destination folder, where the project will be generated:

    Select Payara Micro version
  5. VS Code creates the new project from the Payara Micro Maven archetype. You may add the generated project to the current workspace or open in the new window:

    Application created

Run Payara Micro Application

To run the Payara Micro application from the VS Code IDE, go to the explorer sidebar or Payara activity bar, expand Payara Micro Instances, right-click on the listed Payara Micro instance and select Start.

After starting the Micro instance, you can view the server logs in the OUTPUT window:

Application running

To redeploy the application, right-click on the listed Payara Micro instance and select Reload.

Application redeploy