The notification service comes with an integrated set of notifiers that can be used to send notification events to a distinct variety of channels apart from the standard server log mechanism:


Taking advantage of preconfigured Java Mail sessions in the server, you can route notifications to an email account


Taking advantage of preconfigured JMS connection resources, you can route notifications to a Java Message Queue so it can be consumed by other applications or services

Event Bus

If Hazelcast is enabled, it’s possible to send notification events using Hazelcast’s event bus.


You can configure the notification service to send events to an specific Hipchat chat room.


Same as with the Hipchat notifier, you can sends notifications directly to an specific Slack channel.


Allows monitoring servers to scout for notification events using SNMP traps.


Allows sending notification events to XMPP servers.


Allows sending notification events to a NewRelic service account.


Allows sending notification events to the Datadog monitoring service

Appropriate instructions on how to configure and use all of these notification mechanisms are included in this section.