Configures the settings of the MicroProfile HealthCheck service.


asadmin [asadmin-options] set-microprofile-healthcheck-configuration [--help]


The set-microprofile-healthcheck-configuration enables or disables the MicroProfile healthcheck service and configures the endpoint where all registered health checks are exposed.

Changes made with this command will only be applied when the server or instance is restarted.



Options for the asadmin utility. For information about these options, see the asadmin help page.


Displays the help text for the subcommand.


Defaults to true. Enables or disables the service.


Defaults to false. Whether to secure access to the health-check endpoint is enabled.


Defaults to microprofile. If defined, the endpoint will be assigned to a list of the role specified as a comma-separated.


Defaults to health. The context root used to expose the health checks endpoint.


Specifies the target of this command.
Valid values are as follows:


Specifies the DAS (default).


Specifies a Payara Server instance.


Specifies a cluster.


Specifies a named configuration.


If defined, the /health` endpoint will be assigned to the list of virtual servers specified as a comma-separated list of names.

Otherwise, the endpoint will be assigned to all virtual servers available.


Example 1 Configure the MicroProfile HealthCheck service

This example configures MicroProfile Health Check with security enabled, specifies the roles allowed to access the endpoint, sets a custom endpoint context root, and associates it with the specified virtual servers:

asadmin set-microprofile-healthcheck-configuration \
    --enabled=true \
    --securityEnabled=true \
    --roles=ADMIN \
    --endpoint=myhealth \
    --target=server \

Exit Status


subcommand executed successfully


error in executing the subcommand

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