Payara Micro Documentation

This section covers how to use Payara Micro.

Payara Micro is an embedded release of Payara built from the Payara Embedded Web release. It allows you to deploy and run WAR files from the command line with a single command, and also features automatic, dynamic clustering with Hazelcast.

Documentation Conventions

  1. Any commands listed will be written assuming they are being run from the same directory as the Payara Micro JAR file.

  2. Any commands listed will also be written assuming that the system environment variables have been set up to have Java on the system Path.

  3. Any paths listed throughout the documentation will use the Unix/Linux file path structure (forward slashes).

  4. The owning class of an API method will not be explicitly stated unless it is not clear if an instance has been started or not; methods that operate on Payara Micro instances before they have been bootstrapped (instances that have not yet been started) are contained in the PayaraMicro class, whereas methods that operate on bootstrapped instances (running instances) are contained within the PayaraMicroRuntime class.

Docker Images

Payara Services Limited provides official Payara Micro Docker Images which are updated every release.

These images are hosted on Docker hub in the following locations:

Payara Enterprise customers have access to a private Docker repository containing Payara Enterprise Edition equivalent images, which are also released and updated every month.