Payara Platform 5.193.1 Release Notes

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Java EE 8 Applications

  • MicroProfile 2.2 (excluding MicroProfile Metrics 1.1)

  • MicroProfile Metrics 2.0

  • Jakarta EE 8


Jakarta EE TCK Compatibility

With the public release of 5.193.1, Payara Server Full is now officially certified as Jakarta EE compatible!

5.193.1 Updates

New Features

  • [PAYARA-4027] - Add timeout parameter to start-deployment-group command


  • [PAYARA-3500] - Admin console shows incorrect virtual servers for MP health and metrics targets

  • [PAYARA-3501] - Configuration changes in MP health and metrics in Admin console don’t warn about restart needed

  • [PAYARA-4025] - REGRESSION: Setting context root with app.war:context stopped working in Payara Micro 5.192

  • [PAYARA-4055] - Jaxrs client obtained from the request context must be the same instance

  • [PAYARA-4077] - CDI test EnterpriseSecurityContextPropagationInAsyncObserverTest fails

  • [PAYARA-4078]- CDI InterceptorEnvironmentJNDISessionBeanTest fails

  • [PAYARA-4083] - Unsatisfied dependencies for type YubicoAPI in CDI TCK

  • [PAYARA-4087] - Allow use of single char operands in payara micro commands

  • [PAYARA-4104] - Disabling Hazelcast for 5.193 Server causes startup failure

  • [PAYARA-4113] - Post Boot Commands Don’t Print Failure Cause

  • [PAYARA-4115] - List-Nodes-Docker Command Fails with Invalid Number of Columns

  • [PAYARA-4122] - Unable to acquire global lock for resolve payara-micro-service

  • [PAYARA-4123] - Async errors are missing in resumed response

  • [PAYARA-4125] - MP HealthCheck NPE from when first saving values in admin console

  • [PAYARA-4131] - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: not found by

  • [PAYARA-4140] - ResourceValidator fails on jms/ee20/cditests/ejbweb

  • [PAYARA-4146] - JavaMail Fails to Load Default Providers