Payara Server Administration and Monitoring API


This API allows users to interact with the Payara Server’s DAS through a REST interface. It allows execution of administration commands in a similar way as the asadmin utility, such as:

  • Execute administration commands to modify the domain’s configuration.

  • Retrieve monitoring statistics

  • Look at the domain’s log entries.

To change the configuration of the domain, it is really necessary to understand how the configuration resources are organized in a tree model. To interact with a resource, it is recommended to first call the GET method of the /management/domain/{resource} endpoint to understand what operations are supported and other details (parameters, subcommands, etc.)

To execute the API calls to the server, consider the following URL as an example:


Remember to change the administration port (usually 4848 by default on most domain configurations).

In order to successfully consume the endpoints in this API, it must be taken into consideration if the domain’s access is already secured. If so, then one of the 2 described security schemes must be used.

Version information

Version : 1.0.0

URI scheme

Host : localhost
Schemes : HTTP, HTTPS


  • configuration : Used for domain configuration operations

  • logging : Used for domain logging purposes

  • monitoring : Used for monitoring operations

  • sessions : Used for session management