Payara Server tools in IntelliJ

Deploy the Maven Web Application to Payara Server

  • To deploy the Maven application to Payara Enterprise Server, first create the new Payara Server configuration by selecting the Edit Configuration option:

Create Configuration
  • In the Run/Debug Configurations dialog, click +, expand the Payara Server node, and select Local:

Create Local Server configuration
  • To add the Payara Server to the configuration, click the Configure…​ button and browse the Payara Server installation path:

Browse the Payara Server path
  • Fix the artifacts warnings that appear at the bottom of the run configuration settings dialog, by clicking the Fix button:

Add artifact
  • Select the sample-micro-app:war artifact for deployment to the Payara Enterprise Server:

Select WAR artifact
  • Now fix the debugger related warning by pressing the Fix button, which updates the debugger settings in the domains.xml of the selected Payara Enterprise Server’s domain:

Fix debugger warning
  • Now save the configuration:

Save configuration
  • Click the Run or Debug button from top-right panel that starts the Payara Server and deploys the artifact to the server:

Start the Payara Server
  • After application deployed to the Payara Enterprise Server, IntelliJ starts a web browser and opens the application home page URL in the web browser:

Home Page
  • You may see the log in the Services > Payara Log window:

Payara Server log
Debug breakpoint