HTTP/2 Options

The following HTTP/2 fields can be configured for protocols:

HTTP/2 Enabled

Whether to enable HTTP/2 support for the protocol. Note that HTTP/2 can only be used on a secure listener.

Asadmin Command:


Disable HTTP/2 Cipher Check

Whether TLS connections can be established using insecure cipher suites.

Asadmin Command:


HTTP/2 Max Concurrent Streams

The number of concurrent streams allowed per HTTP/2 connection.

Asadmin Command:


HTTP/2 Initial Window Size

The initial window size in bytes.

Asadmin Command:


HTTP/2 Max Frame Payload Size

The maximum size of the HTTP/2 frame payload to be accepted.

Asadmin Command:


HTTP/2 Max Header List Size

The maximum size, in bytes, of the header list.

Asadmin Command:


Streams High Water Mark

Streams are periodically cleaned when the stream count exceeds this value, as a proportion of the max concurrent streams

Asadmin Command:


Streams Clean Percentage

The number of streams to process when the high water mark is exceeded. Only closed streams will be removed.

Asadmin Command:


Streams Clean Frequency Check

The number of streams that must be closed before checking if the number of streams exceeds the high water mark.

Asadmin Command:


HTTP/2 Push

Enables server push. This is enabled by default.

Asadmin Command: