Release Notes - Payara Platform Community 5.2021.9

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Jakarta EE 8

  • Java EE 8 Applications

  • Jakarta EE 9

  • MicroProfile 4.1


Payara Platform Community 5.2021.9, runs on JDK 17 but there might be corner cases that are not covered yet. We encourage everyone interested in an upgrade to JDK 17 to perform additional testing in their test or acceptance environment on JDK 17.

Breaking Changes

TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 Disabled within Docker

The JDK version within the Docker images is upgraded to 8u312 and 11.0.13 respectively. These versions have the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 protocol disabled by default as they are considered insecure nowadays. This will only affect if your application creates sockets and defines the TLS version explicitly. There is no problem when calling a remote endpoint using https unless that remote service does not support version 1.2 or higher of the TLS protocol.


  • [FISH-5840] Add --opens java.base/java.lang.invoke for MicroProfile Rest Client Running on JDK 17

  • [FISH-5839] Resolve OpenMQ UniformLogFormatter Cannot Access '' on JDK 17

  • [FISH-5836] Refactor EJB Security to use Public APIs

  • [FISH-5815] Allow Admin Console to Load on JDK 17

  • [FISH-5812] HK2 Cannot Resolve OSGi on JDK 17

  • [FISH-5802] Class Data Sharing on JDK17 Can’t use Payara Micro Archive Classes Due to Presence of '.gitkeep'

  • [FISH-5800] JASPIC Uses Un-exported Package in 'java.base' Module

  • [FISH-5797] Refactor OpenTracing to use PreInvocationInterceptor

  • [FISH-5785] Support 'systemd' when Creating a Payara Service - Implementation

  • [FISH-5735] Remove Logging fields UserId and ECid

  • [FISH-230] Provide Means to Specify a Certificate Alias for JAX-RS and MP REST Client Connections

Bug Fixes

  • [FISH-5837] GSSException: Improperly formatted ASN.1 DER encoding for OID

  • [FISH-5801] Custom Vendor MP Metrics Using Placeholders Require 'tags'

  • [FISH-5753] CORBA Read Timeout in Buffer Manager

  • [FISH-5746] [Community Contribution - arrenping] The 'getOptionalValues' Implementation in PayaraConfig Throws a 'NoSuchElementException' if the Result is Empty.

  • [FISH-773] [Community Contribution - alexk201] Schedulers are not removed correctly from database after redeployment of an application

  • [FISH-28] OpenMQ Doesn’t Start on Windows with JDK11

Component Upgrades