Release Notes - Payara Platform Community 5.2020.5

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Jakarta EE 8

  • MicroProfile 3.3

  • Java EE 8 Applications


Run Jakarta EE 9 Applications (in Tech Preview)

This release includes tech preview functionality to run Jakarta EE 9 applications on Payara Server and Payara Micro. This does not, however, make this edition of Payara Platform Community Jakarta EE 9 compatible, and we do not recommend using this functionality in production at this time. This should not affect the ability to run Jakarta EE 8 applications. See FISH-256 for more details.

New Notifier Extensions

FISH-315 gives the notification service a major overhaul that makes implementing new notifiers in a modular fashion easier. This has facilitated the rewrite of the notifiers as extensions in a separate project payara/Notifiers, and the implementation of new Discord (FISH-471) and Microsoft Teams (FISH-370) notifiers. Note that the notifiers that were previously removed from the Payara Platform Community Edition (now in the payara/Notifiers project) will remain available in Payara Enterprise Edition out of the box.

New Features

  • [FISH-256] Identify, Transform, and Run jakarta.* application (Tech Preview Only)

  • [FISH-333] Add MicroProfile Health Readiness Checks

  • [FISH-370] Add Microsoft Teams Notification channel

  • [FISH-471] Add Discord Notification Channel


  • [FISH-141] Support additional fields with LogRecord when using JsonLogFormatter

  • [FISH-154] Support log-jdbc-calls attribute in xml used by asadmin commands create-jdbc-connection-pool and add-resources (through xml)

  • [FISH-315] Implement New Public Notifier API

  • [FISH-316] Upgrade New Relic Notifier to Implement New Notifier API

  • [FISH-317] Upgrade XMPP Notifier to Implement New Notifier API

  • [FISH-318] Upgrade SNMP Notifier to Implement New Notifier API

  • [FISH-319] Upgrade Slack Notifier to Implement New Notifier API

  • [FISH-320] Remove Hipchat Notifier

  • [FISH-321] Upgrade Datadog Notifier to Implement New Notifier API

  • [FISH-322] Upgrade Email Notifier to Implement New Notifier API

  • [FISH-323] Upgrade JMS Notifier to Implement New Notifier API

  • [FISH-324] Upgrade Eventbus Notifier to Implement New Notifier API

  • [FISH-325] Upgrade CDI Eventbus Notifier to Implement New Notifier API

  • [FISH-389] Add Transaction ID as a Baggage Item to Spans

  • [FISH-426] Store initial request path when accessing protected resource with OpenIdAuthenticationMechanism

  • [FISH-441] StatsProviderManagerDelegate should write warning instead of throwing Exception when stats provider info is not found.

  • [FISH-449] Oracle 19C Not Autodetected by EclipseLink

  • [FISH-459] Cleanup of sonar warnings in jdbc40 module

Security Fix

  • [FISH-381] Upgrade Nimbus JOSE+JWT to 8.20

Bug Fixes

  • [FISH-25] SOAP Web Service Tester not working correctly (JDK 11)

  • [FISH-37] @DataSourceDefinition passes serverName and url to DataSource in some cases

  • [FISH-48] OpenAPI document failed to use Generics within @Schema

  • [FISH-55] Creating Java Mail Session targetted to Deployment Group fails

  • [FISH-59] Payara Micro --enableRequestTracing argument not accepting values

  • [FISH-66] Zip file closed on EJB initialization

  • [FISH-82] Command Line option --warmup results in an Exception when Payara Micro instance stops when Request Tracing is activated

  • [FISH-89] Possible NPE in request tracing during startup

  • [FISH-90] wscompile NoClassDefFoundError with jdk 8

  • [FISH-93] wsgen NoClassDefFoundError with jdk 11

  • [FISH-99] OpenAPI APIResponse.Content.Schema sometimes shows only partial result

  • [FISH-196] EJB injection in EJB Stateless based JAX-RS resource doesn’t work in EAR.

  • [FISH-198] IllegalArgumentException on accessing the deploy asadmin REST endpoint with upload flag

  • [FISH-298] OpenAPI @Schema implementation is ignored

  • [FISH-379] Admin Console Masthead Looks Different Between Firefox and Chrome

  • [FISH-388] Fix NPE when printing out Active Span

  • [FISH-391] OutOfMemoryError exception caused by OpenApi refactor

  • [FISH-392] Trace gets started even when RequestTracing is disabled.

  • [FISH-393] asadmin command list-rest-endpoints doesn’t list PATCH methods

  • [FISH-396] When _JAVA_OPTIONS specified, Payara Server incorrectly detects Java version for JVM options

  • [FISH-407] List of enabled application targets are not always correct

  • [FISH-446] [Community Contribution - svendiedrichsen] Access to /metrics endpoint may cause ConcurrentModificationException

  • [FISH-447] TCK Failure Websocket module. Relates to HTTP2

  • [FISH-474] Admin Console doesn’t display JDK distribution specified for a JVM option

  • [FISH-477] Deployment Group Properties are Ignored

  • [FISH-509] Deployment failure due to 'The lifecycle method [postConstruct] must not throw a checked exception.'

Component Upgrade