Payara Server Release Notes

This version is distributed only to Payara Enterprise customers

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Java EE 7 Applications

  • MicroProfile 1.3


Due to some changes in the following areas, you might encounter some small functionality changes:

  • Executor Service

  • Async CDI events

  • EJB Timers

  • Security

  • Access log

If you are uncertain if this might impact your application, please feel free to ask more information.

There are new asadmin commands for the configuration of the health check feature, the old ones are still valid but are deprecated.

New Features

  • PAYARA-3344 - Allow a configurable graceful behaviour for Payara Server’s (and Micro) shutdown hook

  • PAYARA-3381 - Daily rotation for Access Log


  • PAYARA-455 - PY should clean up temp files

  • PAYARA-546 - Allow setting SO_KEEPALIVE on the DAS or specific configs

  • PAYARA-1896 - Refactor HealthCheck service commands to bring in to line with other asadmin commands

  • PAYARA-2206 - Remove registration and installer modules

  • PAYARA-3262 - Don’t create a new response in the JaxrsContainerExceptionMapper

  • PAYARA-3316 - Improve @AroundInvoke/@AroundTimeout interceptor handling

  • PAYARA-3318 - Allow enabling or disabling HTTP methods for the j_security_check action

  • PAYARA-3360 - asadmin list-commands only works when domain is running

  • PAYARA-3382 - Make addDateStampToFirstAccessLogFile configurable

  • PAYARA-3434 - Optimise FileArchive to reduce deployment times

  • PAYARA-3438 - Improve usability of MP Health endpoint as readinessProbe for k8s

  • PAYARA-3499 - Optimise ASClassLoaderUtil

  • PAYARA-3505 - Prevent JLine Logging in Asadmin Multimode

  • PAYARA-3507 - Improve the Executor Pool and Queue Sizes in Payara Micro

  • PAYARA-3508 - Improve logging in ConnectionPool

Security Fixes

  • PAYARA-3331 - Upgrade jackson to 2.9.7 to fix:

  • CVE-2018-14718

  • CVE-2018-14719

  • CVE-2018-14720

  • CVE-2018-14721

Bug Fixes

  • PAYARA-3160 - Minimum log file size error is ignored when set using file

  • PAYARA-3163 - WebAppClassLoader fails to find JAX-WS Handler class

  • PAYARA-3164 - Variable substitution in post boot command file doesn’t work in Payara Micro

  • PAYARA-3257 - CDI Bean created (but fails) when interface has @Path annotation

  • PAYARA-3258 - Open API takes into account annotated interfaces without implementation

  • PAYARA-3260 - Metrics API produces invalid metric names for Prometheus

  • PAYARA-3356 - EJB Timer fails when using non-persistent flag

  • PAYARA-3357 - asadmin shell issues when ask for additional data

  • PAYARA-3358 - asadmin command stop-domains no longer works

  • PAYARA-3362 - get-http-listener throws NPE

  • PAYARA-3366 - Payara MP Config getConverters() is not thread-safe

  • PAYARA-3373 - Certificate realms with a custom JCE provider still raise exceptions

  • PAYARA-3376 - Some JVM parameters are not correctly stored through the Web Admin Console

  • PAYARA-3425 - asadmin recorder generates wrong command for create-network-listener

  • PAYARA-3432 - Setting core-pool-size of ExecutorService result in NPE

  • PAYARA-3449 - list-protocol-filters command fails with NPE

  • PAYARA-3451 - Managed Scheduled Executor Service doesn’t execute tasks from versioned applications

  • PAYARA-3478 - SO_KEEPALIVE checks for wrong port, and Enable Logic is Wrong

  • PAYARA-3479 - NPE when logging JMX monitoring data to server.log

  • PAYARA-3511 - ClassCastException when using CircuitBreaker.delayUnit Config Property

  • PAYARA-3512 - CircuitBreaker Interceptor Checks for Config Override on Wrong Annotation

  • PAYARA-3565 - asadmin create-node-ssh install=true fails to create the ZIP

Component Upgrades

Known issues can be seen on our GitHub issues page here: