Release Highlights

The most eye catching feature in this release is a new look for the Admin Console; we’ve given the Admin Console another go over from our initial attempt, rebranding it to look more distinctly Payara!

The more exciting highlight of this release is the Healthcheck Service. In its initial release, this service allows you to monitor CPU usage, the number of times Garbage Collection has occurred, the machine memory usage, the heap memory usage, and any hogging threads. Documentation for it can be found here, and documentation for the asadmin commands can be found here.

Updated Modules

This section details the modules that have been updated since the last release (

  • Jersey 2.22.1

  • EclipseLink 2.6.2 (Patched to payara-p1)

  • GlassFish Corba 4.0.1 (Patched to payara-p3)

  • Woodstock (Patched to payara-p2)

  • Metro 2.3.2-b608 (Patched to payara-p2)

  • MQ 5.1.1-b02 (Patched to payara-p1)

  • Apache commons-fileupload 1.3.1

Fixed Issues

This section details the issues marked as bugs that have been fixed for this release.

Payara Fixes

This section details the fixes implemented by the Payara team or community.

Known Issues

Known issues can be seen on our GitHub issues page here: