HealthCheck Service

Since Payara Server

Payara Server Community includes a HealthCheck Service that is disabled by default. When enabled it can periodically check the following performance metrics:

  • Host CPU Usage

  • Host Memory Usage

  • Payara Server’s JVM Garbage Collections

  • Payara Server’s JVM Heap Usage

  • CPU Usage of individual threads

  • Detects stuck threads

If there is a problem with any of these metrics and they exceed a configurable threshold then a GOOD, WARNING or CRITICAL event notification is sent to the Notification Service. Notifications can be then sent to one or more notifiers, e.g. a log file.

This allows operations teams to rapidly detect problems or work out what happened after these problems have occurred.

The Host Memory Usage currently only works on Linux and BSD derivatives.

If the Log Notifier is enabled, such events will be presented in the server’s log file like in the following sample:

[2016-05-24T03:52:28.690+0000] [Payara 4.1] [INFO] [fish.payara.nucleus.healthcheck.HealthCheckService] [tid: _ThreadID=72 _ThreadName=healthcheck-service-3 [timeMillis: 1464061948690] [levelValue: 800] [[ CPUC:Health Check Result:[[status=WARNING, message='CPU%: 75.6, Time CPU used: 267 milliseconds'']']]]  [2016-05-24T21:11:36.579+0000] [Payara 4.1] [SEVERE] [fish.payara.nucleus.healthcheck.HealthCheckService] [tid: _ThreadID=71 _ThreadName=healthcheck-service-3] [timeMillis: 1464124296579] [levelValue: 1000] [[ HOGT:Health Check Result:[[status=CRITICAL, message='Thread with <id-name>: 145-testing-thread-1 is a hogging thread for the last 59 seconds 999 milliseconds'']']]]