Payara Platform 5.194 Release Notes

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Java EE 8 Applications

  • MicroProfile 3.2

  • Jakarta EE 8 Applications


JDK 11

Payara Server on JDK 11 will no longer be in technical preview with the 5.194 release!

Breaking Changes in MicroProfile Metrics and Health

Metrics includes some breaking changes related to the refactoring of counters (see spec for more details).

Health has changed the format of the endpoint output slightly, and introduced the concept of readiness and liveness checks (see spec for for more details).

New Features

  • PAYARA-3924 - Publish Payara third-party BOM

  • PAYARA-2598 - Hook up Soteria Identity Stores to Payara Realms

  • PAYARA-3263 - Support Certified OpenTracing Tracers in MP OpenTracing

  • PAYARA-3658 - Add support for easily securing the ejb-invoker endpoint

  • PAYARA-3793 - Role mapping can be based on partial DN name (Client Certificates)

  • PAYARA-3828 - REST Client 1.3 support

  • PAYARA-3829 - Healthcheck 2.1 support

  • PAYARA-3832 - Add Monitoring Console support for identifying which traces have exceeded thresholds

  • PAYARA-3994 - HotDeploy support in deploy/redeploy asadmin command

  • PAYARA-4027 - Add timeout parameter to start-deployment-group command

  • PAYARA-4037 - Add access log setting options for Payara Micro

  • PAYARA-4097 - Add Monitoring Console support for launching with a preset of 5 key metrics

  • PAYARA-4166 - Metrics 2.2 Support


  • PAYARA-3796 - Can’t inject a JNDI Integer property as MicroProfile config value

  • PAYARA-3811 - Improve Application Deployment Performance (Pt2.) on Windows OS

  • PAYARA-3819 - Remove repositories from pom

  • PAYARA-3940 - Classloader whitelisting mechanism should isolate resources too

  • PAYARA-3997 - Add TLS 1.3 support when using Zulu JDK 8

  • PAYARA-4033 - Remove duplicate classes for remote commands

  • PAYARA-4096 - Allow Instance Names to be Generated when Creating Instances from the Admin Console

  • PAYARA-4099 - Add support for autoscaling Docker Nodes

  • PAYARA-4118 - Graceful shutdown of PayaraExecutorService slows down server shutdown

  • PAYARA-4143 - Replace usage of File.deleteOnExit() with manual deletion on exit.

  • PAYARA-4158 - Domain Data Grid Port Behaviour options for create-domain command

  • PAYARA-4171 - Monitoring data of an Instance is not visible if it is in a Deployment Group

  • PAYARA-4192 - Support explicitly setting Data-Grid port in an instance

  • PAYARA-4193 - Additonal Improvements for Monitoring Console Preset Page

  • PAYARA-4195 - Cleanup in deployment-client

  • PAYARA-4197 - Improve logging warnings for container-managed transaction timeouts

  • PAYARA-4247 - Cleanup of sonar warnings for common/common-util

  • PAYARA-4248 - Log Expired certificates from cacerts.jks with level warning

  • PAYARA-4251 - Simplify Woodstock upgrades

Bug Fixes

  • PAYARA-1285 - Thread Pool monitoring breaks when configuring thread pools

  • PAYARA-3500 - Admin console shows incorrect virtual servers for MP health and metrics targets

  • PAYARA-3501 - Configuration changes in MP health and metrics in Admin console don’t warn about restart needed

  • PAYARA-3803 - Illegal Reflective Access by com.sun.enterprise.admin.util.JarFileUtils

  • PAYARA-4025 - REGRESSION: Setting context root with app.war:context stopped working in Payara Micro 5.192

  • PAYARA-4048 - ejb32/mdb/modernconnector fails

  • PAYARA-4055 - Jaxrs client obtained from the request context must be the same instance

  • PAYARA-4061 - jsp test failures

  • PAYARA-4077 - CDI test EnterpriseSecurityContextPropagationInAsyncObserverTest fails

  • PAYARA-4078 - CDI InterceptorEnvironmentJNDISessionBeanTest fails

  • PAYARA-4083 - Unsatisfied dependencies for type YubicoAPI in CDI TCK

  • PAYARA-4087 - Allow use of single char operands in payara micro commands

  • PAYARA-4104 - Disabling Hazelcast for 5.193 Server causes startup failure

  • PAYARA-4115 - List-Nodes-Docker Command Fails with Invalid Number of Columns

  • PAYARA-4116 - Server shutdown hangs when startup fails

  • PAYARA-4120 - Server fails to start when using JDK11

  • PAYARA-4121 - Monitoring Configuration Level Ignored after Redeploying an Application

  • PAYARA-4122 - Unable to acquire global lock for resolve payara-micro-service

  • PAYARA-4123 - Async errors are missing in resumed response

  • PAYARA-4124 - Application name of deployed ear shows the unique number

  • PAYARA-4125 - MP HealthCheck NPE from when first saving values in admin console

  • PAYARA-4129 - Payara-samples were not updated after release of 5.193

  • PAYARA-4131 - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: not found by

  • PAYARA-4140 - ResourceValidator fails on jms/ee20/cditests/ejbweb

  • PAYARA-4141 - Use correct constructor of NotAuthorizedException in RolesPermittedInterceptor

  • PAYARA-4144 - Add support for Deployment Group on Management API

  • PAYARA-4146 - JavaMail Fails to Load Default Providers

  • PAYARA-4147 - MicroProfile Metrics API returns no data for vendor:system_cpu_load

  • PAYARA-4160 - Admin Console List EJB Timers Causes HTTP 500

  • PAYARA-4164 - OpenTracingApplicationEventListener is not null-safe

  • PAYARA-4167 - JSON-B Runtime not present on AppClient classpath

  • PAYARA-4169 - Incorrect server.policy settings

  • PAYARA-4170 - Deployment-client breaks TCK tests

  • PAYARA-4172 - Generation of OpenAPI document when using @Schema(implementation) sometimes give wrong result

  • PAYARA-4174 - CDI injection gives IllegalStateException on MP Metrics bean in Payara Micro

  • PAYARA-4186 - OpenAPI document generates incorrect schema for Enums

  • PAYARA-4196 - Monitoring console throws error when dealing metrics that include a space

  • PAYARA-4202 - Arrays not supported in PayaraConfig.getOptionalValue()

  • PAYARA-4206 - MP Config does not support char as type of property

  • PAYARA-4207 - Steady pool size should allow zero

  • PAYARA-4215 - Database EJB Timer Persistence Service doesn’t work on Deployment Group

  • PAYARA-4218 - JAX-WS Command Error

  • PAYARA-4219 - Problem when trying to override System Properties of an instance

  • PAYARA-4238 - Monitoring Console Hardening

  • PAYARA-4250 - Monitoring Console - Prevent Log Spamming

  • PAYARA-4253 - Update TCK signature tests for 5.194

  • PAYARA-4254 - Test failure in ejb32 / modernconnector

  • PAYARA-4255 - Servlet TCK failures

  • PAYARA-4256 - MP Metrics still registered after application removed

  • PAYARA-4266 - EJB TCK fails on NPE in EJB Container annotation

Component Upgrades