Release notes - Payara Platform Community 6.2022.1 Alpha 4

Milestone release that is intended for certification against Jakarta EE 10 Platform. Known issues include the MicroProfile integration being broken by the CDI upgrade.


  • [FISH-6336] [Community Contribution - Tenariel] Bouncy Castle FIPS Integration for HTTPS Connection

  • [FISH-6034] Rework Eclipse Transformer into an Extension

  • [FISH-5980] Add Option to use ForkJoinPool for Managed Executor Services

Security Fixes

  • [FISH-6459] 0-day vulnerability exploit using ROOT context root deployments

  • [FISH-6214] Upgrade Jackson to 2.13.3 & SnakeYaml to 1.30

Bug Fixes

  • [FISH-6362] The dropdown option to select SSH User Authentication method is broken

  • [FISH-6355] Disabled TRACE HTTP Method Still Shows as Enabled

  • [FISH-6352] File locks prevent undeployment on Windows

  • [FISH-6308] Can’t select a different instances when viewing Raw Log

  • [FISH-6307] Can’t collect domain logs from the Admin Console

  • [FISH-6301] The "Enable Asadmin Recorder" button is not visible in the header of the Admin Console

  • [FISH-6276] The Healthcheck Service for Hogging threads throws ArithmeticException

  • [FISH-6243] On changing the log level in batch results internal server error in the Admin Console

  • [FISH-6072] WebSocket Redeployment Fails

  • [FISH-1515] Connection Closes Prematurely On HTTP/2 HTTPS Connections When Request Takes Long To Complete

  • [FISH-6103] SimplePolicyProvider cannot be used for JACC Per Application

  • [FISH-6298] OpenAPI document doesn’t take into account multiple applications deployment

  • [FISH-6392] Improve memory management of ALPN negotiator maps in Grizzly NPN NegotiationSupport class

  • [FISH-6415] Unexpected error when starting instance hosted in remote SSH nodes on Windows OS system via Cygwin

  • [FISH-6477] [Community Contribution - pzygielo] Wrong License in Payara Zip Distribution

Component Upgrades

  • [FISH-6471] Upgrade Docker Image JDK Versions to 8u345, 11.0.16, 17.0.4

  • [FISH-6439] Upgrade Jersey to 3.1.0-M7

  • [FISH-6369] Use Grizzly 4.0.0

  • [FISH-6110] Upgrade to latest H2 version

  • [FISH-6077] Upgrade Jakarta Messaging 3.1 and integrate latest OpenMQ

  • [FISH-5747] Upgrade Glassfish Corba to 4.2.4.payara-p1

  • [FISH-6512] Upgrade Jakarta Annotations to 2.1.1