Discord Notifier

A notifier extension for publishing to Discord.

Payara Server Configuration

Using the Administration Web Console

To configure the Notification Service in the Administration Console, go to Configuration → [instance-configuration (like server-config)] → Notification Service and click on the Discord tab:

Notification Service in Admin Console

From the Command Line

To configure the Notification Service from the command line, use the set-discord-notifier-configuration asadmin command like this:

asadmin> set-discord-notifier-configuration --enabled=true --dynamic=true --webhookId xxx --webhookToken yyy

You can use the --enabled and --dynamic options to enable or disable the Discord notifier on demand.

You can retrieve the current configuration for the Discord notifier using the get-discord-notifier-configuration asadmin command like this:

asadmin > get-discord-notifier-configuration

This will return the details of the current Discord configuration; see below for an example:

Enabled  Noisy  Webhook ID  Webhook Token
true     false  xxx         yyy