Payara Server Release Notes

This version is distributed only to Payara Enterprise customers


Principal String Representation Changes

String representations of principals that are based on X500Principals have changed since Payara The sequence of RDNs (Relative Distinguished Names) used to be rendered with a comma (,) and a space ( ) as separator, but due to an internal class change are now rendered with only a comma character (’,’ ASCII 44) as separator. For instance a distinguished name that used to be represented in string form as "C=UK, ST=lak, L=zak, O=kaz, OU=bar, CN=lfoo" is now represented as "C=UK,ST=lak,L=zak,O=kaz,OU=bar,CN=lfoo"

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Java EE 7 Applications

  • MicroProfile 1.3

New Features

  • PAYARA-635 - Autocomplete Asadmin Commands

  • PAYARA-2479 - New Health Check checker to report status from MP Health Check endpoints

  • PAYARA-2627 - Allow using different security providers via JCE API

  • PAYARA-2901 - Improve template placeholder replacements for custom MP metrics

  • PAYARA-3004 - Configure virtual servers for MP endpoints

  • PAYARA-3106 - Create payara-resources.xml functionality


  • PAYARA-2417 - Allow the DAS to control the lifecycle of Payara Micro

  • PAYARA-2539 - Metrics Service init takes significant boot time

  • PAYARA-2844 - Move Payara Notification Logger Settings to its own page

  • PAYARA-2905 - Prevent creation of databases used for Timer Service when only non-persistent timers are present

  • PAYARA-3040 - Allow the user to configure custom isolation levels in JDBC connection pools

  • PAYARA-3061 - Cleanup of nucleus/admin/server-mgmt

  • PAYARA-3062 - Support Mysql/ConnectorJ 8

  • PAYARA-3090 - Supply Basic authentication for additionalrepository CLI option of Payara Micro

  • PAYARA-3105 - Make MinIdleSwap and MaxIdleSwap configurable

  • PAYARA-3117 - Warning message "Tried to deregister non-existent thread" incorrectly shown when using Proxied Runnables

  • PAYARA-3134 - Add help text on MicroProfile Config property

  • PAYARA-3159 - Creation of config parameters on MicroProfile page of WebConsole is wrong

  • PAYARA-3242 - Add MicroProfile Healthcheck Checker to Server Tab

Bug Fixes

  • PAYARA-3157 - The resource type of a JDBC connection pool can’t be changed in the second step of creation

  • PAYARA-2791 - Mojarra @ViewScope Incorrect Handling

  • PAYARA-2837 - OpenAPI Incorrect Collection Merging

  • PAYARA-2912 - Jbatch broken with PostgreSQL

  • PAYARA-2938 - MP Metrics returns 0 for a custom CPU load metric

  • PAYARA-2940 - Browser request administrator credentials again when accessing the support portal on the admin console

  • PAYARA-2975 - 'metrics.xml' parsed and metadata re-registered on every call to '/metrics' endpoint

  • PAYARA-3046 - Listing Cache Keys not working

  • PAYARA-3059 - SQLTraceDelegator should use Concurrent HashMap

  • PAYARA-3068 - MP Healthcheck fails if no name is supplied

  • PAYARA-3070 - Hazelcast incorrectly listed above EJB Container in alphabetical list

  • PAYARA-3075 - Rework Fault Tolerance so that Bulkhead and CircuitBreaker are tied to instances instead of applications

  • PAYARA-3085 - OpenAPI Doesn’t Support @…​Param Annotated Fields

  • PAYARA-3094 - There is no help text for MaxSessions in the admin console

  • PAYARA-3098 - delete-domain can run even when domain is currently running

  • PAYARA-3102 - Asadmin does not work correctly with multiple admin users

  • PAYARA-3110 - CDI Session beans throw errors when stored

  • PAYARA-3114 - Concurrent Modification Exception when trying to access an active span programmatically.

  • PAYARA-3116 - OpenAPI Fails When Jersey Providers Are Registered

  • PAYARA-3122 - Managed Scheduled Executor Service still executes tasks after undeployment

  • PAYARA-3125 - OpenTracing ExceptionMapper prevents usage of app provided one

  • PAYARA-3126 - OpenAPI Fails When Custom Operation Annotation is Used

  • PAYARA-3128 - Secure Protocols not being disabled correctly for ORB listeners

  • PAYARA-3131 - Clicking Cancel button on Configuration Properties page causes an error

  • PAYARA-3139 - IndexOutOfBoundException when retrieving Request Traces

  • PAYARA-3140 - NullPointerException when using the LogNotifier for writing out Request Tracing

  • PAYARA-3145 - NPE in isSlowQueryLoggingEnabled

  • PAYARA-3153 - OpenAPI doesn’t support child schema on @…​Param annotations

  • PAYARA-3155 - @…​Param annotations doesn’t support @DefaultValue annotations on OpenAPI

  • PAYARA-3158 - NPE when starting asadmin multimode tool when DAS isn’t accessible

  • PAYARA-3166 - Create file user operation fails when replicating commands to instances in deployment group

  • PAYARA-3171 - A custom KeyStore for SSL Http Listener isn’t applied

  • PAYARA-3199 - NPE in MicroProfile Metrics on Payara Micro

  • PAYARA-3203 - MP OpenAPI @Operation deprecated member ignored

  • PAYARA-3212 - CDI Extensions are registered many times in large EAR deployments

  • PAYARA-3225 - Location Header Not Present with WebApplicationException

Component Upgrades