Lite Cluster Members

Since Payara Micro

You may specify on the command line using --lite option, or through the API, that a Payara Micro Community instance is a lite instance. Then the Payara Micro instance will join the cluster but will not store any clustered data; for example web session data or JCache data. This is very useful for a number of scenarios.

You can create a cluster topology whereby a web application is hosted in a number of Payara Micro instances and the garbage collection ergonomics for these instances are tuned for throughput. In addition, a number of Payara Micro instances can be in the cluster with no applications deployed and these instances can be tuned for long-lived web session data. In this case, the web application instances could be designated as lite cluster members to make sure no web session data is stored within their JVMs.

Lite members can also be used purely if you want a clustered Payara Micro Community instance to join the same cluster and receive CDI events or clustered events, but without storing any data.