Payara Community 5.2021.1 Release Notes

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Jakarta EE 8

  • Java EE 8 Applications

  • MicroProfile 4.0


MicroProfile 4.0

Following the 5.2020.7 release, we’ve upgraded Payara Platform to be compatible with the specifications present in version 4.0 of MicroProfile. You should be able to test your MicroProfile 4.0 compatible applications using this Community release. If you discover any issues, or have any related questions, please raise them on our GitHub repository.

Asadmin Command to Clear old JBatch Executions

A new command has been introduced with FISH-108 to remove old JBatch executions left around in the database. It is a known issue that this command currently only works with H2 database. In a future iteration, this will be generalised to cover a broader range of databases.

Hazelcast 4.0 Upgrade

It is important to note in this release that with the upgrade of Hazelcast to version 4.0, support for rolling updates from previous versions of Payara Community Edition to 5.2021.1 will not be supported.

New Features

  • [FISH-105] - Migrate EJB Timers from Live Instances

  • [FISH-108] - Asadmin to clear out old job executions of JBatch in H2

  • [FISH-658] - MP Config 2.0 Upgrade

  • [FISH-659] - MP Fault Tolerance 3.0 Upgrade

  • [FISH-662] - MP Metrics 3.0 Upgrade

  • [FISH-663] - MP OpenAPI 2.0 Upgrade

  • [FISH-664] - MP OpenTracing 2.0 Upgrade

  • [FISH-665] - MP Rest Client 2.0 Upgrade

  • [FISH-753] - Remove Production Domain Template From Community Version

  • [FISH-788] - [Community - poikilotherm] Support sub-directories for MPCONFIG SecretDirConfigSource

  • [FISH-868] - [Community - ghunteranderson] MP-JWT public key location respects HTTP cache headers


  • [FISH-374] - Remove Support Portal integration from Community Edition

  • [FISH-427] - Configure MP Config cache duration through System properties or ENV variables

  • [FISH-759] - [Community - sgflt] Sort Instance names in alphabetical order in the Admin Console 'Instances' drop down

  • [FISH-886] - [Community - avpinchuk] Deploy GAV from local repository

  • [FISH-992] - [Community - cfiguera] Default values in data source definitions when translating values

  • [FISH-1006] - Cleanup of glassfish-batch-connector

Bug Fixes

  • [FISH-222] - HTTP2 tests from h2spec fail with timeout on HTTPS listener

  • [FISH-462] - TLSv1.3 is not listed as a supported SSL Protocol

  • [FISH-464] - Race condition in Grizzly’s HTTP/2

  • [FISH-505] - Server instance tries to load Application not assigned to instance

  • [FISH-515] - HTTP POST request returns 500 on Zulu JDK8

  • [FISH-631] - Infinite loop in Grizzly SSL handshake causing deadlock

  • [FISH-642] - Application Logging not performed on Payara 5 Cluster instances

  • [FISH-652] - Error in MP JWT validation when retrieving JWKS key from remote location

  • [FISH-743] - HK2 Class Parsing ClassCastException

  • [FISH-744] - When creating a Resource Adapter Config via Admin Console only thread pools from 'Server-Config' is listed under Thread Pool ID

  • [FISH-765] - [Community - sgflt] WebModule doesn’t respect virtual server configuration

  • [FISH-790] - Refactor, fix bugs and make immutable JavaEEContextUtil

  • [FISH-796] - Fix Clustered Singleton bugs / add tests

  • [FISH-876] - Incorrect Hashicorp Vault MP Config source blocks deployment and usage of MP Config

  • [FISH-877] - Cloud MP Config Sources ignore ordinal defined in Domain

  • [FISH-885] - OpenAPI document creation failed when using @Schema annotation with Enum

  • [FISH-892] - Hashicorp vault secret value not picked up by MicroProfile after restart domain

  • [FISH-990] - OpenTracing Active Span is NULL when retrieved in EJB tracer on remote execution

  • [FISH-994] - [Community - sgflt] Package jaxws opentracing to embedded Payara

  • [FISH-1007] - [Community - sgflt] Payara logback libs produce NPE

  • [FISH-1015] - [Community - avpinchuk] Add appropriate application name to GAV deployments

  • [FISH-1017] - [Community - bjetal] Payara can close JarFile instances used by current URLClassLoaders

  • [FISH-1018] - Class Loader leaks on redeploy

  • [FISH-1019] - [Community - bhanuunrivalled] GlassFishProperties NPE when initialised with null properties

Component Upgrades