Payara Server 5.192 Release Notes

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Java EE 8 Applications

  • MicroProfile 2.2


Domain.xml Changes

At long last, Payara Platform is shipping with support for JDK 11. It should be stressed that firstly: this support is in tech preview and secondly: if upgrading from an older version of Payara, you’ll need to add some extra JVM options to your domain.xml configuration files. These are documented in the release documentation.

MicroProfile Changes

This release also brings our support of MicroProfile up to 2.2, providing updates to OpenAPI, Rest Client, and Fault Tolerance.

Docker Integration Changes

Finally, this release introduces the concept of a Docker node (also tech preview) as our first iteration of better native Docker integration. These function similarly to existing nodes, except the instances created for a Docker node are run within Docker containers.

Removal of System Property

The system property java.ext.dirs is no longer supported. This also means that JAR files within the <payara-home>/glassfish/domains/<domain>/lib/ext directory are no longer placed on the classpath. The <payara-home>/glassfish/domains/<domain>/lib directory is the preferred place to put these additional JAR files or the asadmin add-library command can be used to place it there for you.

Also the System property java.endorsed.dirs is no longer supported.

Known Issues

  • [PAYARA-3865] - Output of asadmin osgi commands is not displayed. The issue was discovered later in release cycle. Workaround is to use OSGi shell over telnet. The server can be started by issuing command asadmin osgi telnetd start.

Bug Fixes

  • [PAYARA-3162] - Endpoints defined within interface aren’t picked up by MP openAPI

  • [PAYARA-3259] - Fix OpenAPI Context Creation

  • [PAYARA-3288] - Grizzly Memory Leak caused by HeapMemory and PooledMemory managers

  • [PAYARA-3444] - Warn when asadmin set targeting instances changes shared configuration

  • [PAYARA-3464] - Description does not save from MP config property in admin console

  • [PAYARA-3487] - Race condition in ConnectionPool

  • [PAYARA-3493] - Unable to Inject into EntityListener when using AttributeConverter

  • [PAYARA-3509] - additionalProperties of OpenAPI schema is not `rendered'

  • [PAYARA-3515] - Fix setting authentication realm on Virtual Server with a property for default-web-module

  • [PAYARA-3521] - JAX-RS client with payara-embedded-all raises IllegalStateException for RequestTracingService run level

  • [PAYARA-3540] - Compile Error when Generating JavaDoc

  • [PAYARA-3541] - Error while deploying exploded war with payara micro

  • [PAYARA-3576] - embedded-all leaks upstream dependencies

  • [PAYARA-3660] - Payara Micro unable to inject MP RestClient instance in REST endpoint class

  • [PAYARA-3662] - context-root setting of glassfish-web.xml is ignored

  • [PAYARA-3665] - Asadmin Shell Only Reads a Single Input

  • [PAYARA-3666] - Fixes for issues found by tests for new health check as-admin commands

  • [PAYARA-3670] - `Rotation on Date Change' for Notification Logging is not applied on Admin Console

  • [PAYARA-3674] - CDI Async events not working on Payara Micro

  • [PAYARA-3682] - Error in gf-client manifest

  • [PAYARA-3686] - Default Principal can’t be set from the Admin Console

  • [PAYARA-3692] - Class name is wrong or classpath is not set for : com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlDataSource

  • [PAYARA-3696] - Payara Executor Service Error Printed when Application Client Container starts

  • [PAYARA-3702] - Community Fix (svendiedrichsen): NPE when Deploying an Application containing EJB Singletons

  • [PAYARA-3708] - Some INFO messages still printed by JLine in asadmin even with jline.log.disable=true

  • [PAYARA-3709] - Equals sign is added to system properties with empty value even if it’s already in the key

  • [PAYARA-3723] - Community Fix (svendiedrichsen): Fix unclosed resources and potential NPE

  • [PAYARA-3729] - Jersey-media-json-jackson & jersey-hk2 Dependencies are not included with Ejb-Http-Client

  • [PAYARA-3738] - Community Fix (svendiedrichsen): Properly implement equals and hashcode method for OpenID state

  • [PAYARA-3753] - ClassCastException when using delayUnit Config Property

  • [PAYARA-3754] - @Clustered Annotation Doesn’t Use Bean Name

  • [PAYARA-3780] - Community Fix (aubi): Fix Http & Https ports in generated OpenAPI

  • [PAYARA-3783] - Community Fix (svendiedrichsen): Avoid using non-threadsafe XPath as static property

  • [PAYARA-3784] - OpenIdState equals method fixed

  • [PAYARA-3820] - Community Contribution (svendiedrichsen): Fixing sporadic NPE when archive has no JPA beans

New Features


  • [PAYARA-3385] - Allow OpenTracing @Traced to work with JAX-WS Web Services

  • [PAYARA-3386] - Complete login.conf configuration after creating custom security realm with default LoginModule configuration

  • [PAYARA-3417] - CertificateRealm should optionally return CN part a the certificate subject instead of the whole subject

  • [PAYARA-3419] - Persistent EJB Timer service forced too eagerly in cluster/Deployment group.

  • [PAYARA-3474] - Disable stacktrace logging when JPA schema generation tries to read from non existing sequence

  • [PAYARA-3688] - Make the timeout parameter configurable in the start-local-instance command

  • [PAYARA-3718] - Support System Properties with EJB over Rest

  • [PAYARA-3755] - Implement Full Support for JSON-B Serialization when using EJB Remote over HTTP

  • [PAYARA-3758] - Cleanup of sonar warnings for rest-service

  • [PAYARA-3781] - Community Contribution (edthorne): Allow wildcards when specifying interfaces for the data grid discovery mode

  • [PAYARA-3785] - Security small cleanup sweep 6

  • [PAYARA-3790] - CircuitBreaker with configuration file does not override the requestVolumeThreshold

Component Upgrades

And of course, we’d like to give a huge thank you to community contributors svendiedrichsen , aubi , edthorne and lreimer for their contributions to this release.