Eclipse MicroProfile Metrics API

Since Payara Server and 5.181

Provided version of the API: MicroProfile Metrics 3.0

The Metrics API was designed to provide monitoring support for applications as well as the underlying runtime. This is considered separate to health checks which are concerned with a binary status of "healthy" or "unhealthy". In design, the Metrics API has borrowed heavily from DropWizard Metrics, so many of the concepts in the API will be familiar.

For a full overview of the API, review the documentation for the appropriate release.

A key goal of the specification was to provide HTTP endpoints in Prometheus format (as well as JSON). Since the Prometheus Text format is widely used by monitoring products other than Prometheus, this gives a lot of compatibility out-of-the-box.

MicroProfile Metrics 1.1 was released in MicroProfile 1.3