Password Aliases Overview

By default, passwords within Payara Server Community are treated like any other property and are stored in plaintext. Passwords stored in plaintext are a security risk, as you can directly read them, unencrypted and unobstructed.

A password alias allows you to have a plaintext reference to an encrypted password stored on the server, with the alias being used wherever the password is needed.

Using a password alias within the Admin Console

To use a password alias, navigate to any configuration view where you would have previously entered a password in plaintext format:

Password in plain text

In place of the password, you can enter an alias which corresponds to the password in the form: ${ALIAS=<password-alias-name>}:

Placeholder for Password Alias

To create a password alias from the admin console, read the instructions detailed here.

Using a password alias on the command line

On the command line, when using asadmin commands where you would previously have entered a password, you can instead enter the password placeholder ${ALIAS=<example-alias-name>} to avoid having passwords stored in the configuration in plain text.

Here is an example of setting the user’s password for a JDBC connection pool:

asadmin> create-jdbc-connection-pool [...] --property password=${ALIAS=<example-alias-name} [...]

To create a password alias from command line, read the instructions detailed here.

MicroProfile Config support

Password aliases can also be accessed using MicroProfile Config, as detailed here.