Public API

Since Payara Server

This page contains information on using the Public API integrated within Payara Server and Payara Micro.

Use Cases

This Public API should be used in the following scenarios:

  1. Java EE Developers and end users that develop web and enterprise applications that require Payara specific features outside the specifications (and JCache).

  2. Contributors that want to develop extensions to Payara Server or Payara Micro.

Previous to the release into which this API was introduced, if developers wanted to access these interfaces they had to declare a dependency on the payara-micro or payara-embedded-all artifacts. Since those dependencies are heavier in size and include a lot of irrelevant code, the Public API was implemented to simplify this scenario.

Maven Coordinates

The public API is released as a Maven artifact in Maven Central. To use it in a Maven project, set the following dependency in your project’s POM:


Where the ${payara.version} of the artifact corresponds with the version of Payara Server (starting from the version this API was introduce).