Hot Deploy and Auto Deploy

To enable these features, the relevant ecosystem plugin to your IDE of choice must be installed.

All four of the IDE Integrations supported by Payara allow for the use of Hot Deploy and Auto Deploy. After enabling either the Hot Deploy or Auto Deploy feature on your IDE of choice, simply deploy web applications to Payara Server and modify any Java class of the application, upon save, any changed files within the application will be redeployed.

Payara Server provides the Hot Deployment capability, which boosts the performance of the application redeployment operation and dynamically replaces the classloader of the application on each redeployment in the hot deploy mode. Hot deploy is significantly faster than a vanilla redeployment, boosting developer productivity.

Alternatively, Payara Server also allows for a full redeployment of the application automatically via the Auto Deploy feature. It will un-deploy the existing application and redeploy the new application on every save action. As the Auto Deploy feature performs a full redeploy of an application, it is slower than hot redeploy, which redeploys only the changed part of an application.

Eclipse IDE Plugin

Payara Server

To enable Auto Deploy from the Eclipse IDE, open The Server panel, double click the server name and expand the Publishing section to reconfigure the setting.

Auto Publish applications

The Hot Deploy mode can be enabled from the Payara Server properties page to boost the deployment performance which reuses the existing application instance relative to the modified source.

Payara Hot Deploy

Payara Micro

To enable the Auto Deploy or Hot Deploy features for Payara Micro on the Eclipse IDE, modify your run configurations Reload Artifact action from the drop-down list

Configuration name

NetBeans IDE Plugin

The Hot Deploy mode can be enabled in the Apache NetBeans IDE from the Properties panel of the Payara Server.

Enable Hot Deploy

For Auto Deploy, enable the Compile on Save and Deploy on Save option from the Properties panel of the Project.

Compile on Save
Deploy on Save

VS Code IDE Extension

Hot Deploy and Auto Deploy can be enabled in Visual Studio Code IDE from the Deployment Settings of Payara Server.

Deployment Settings
Enable Hot Deploy

IntelliJ IDE Plugin

There currently is no support for Hot Deploy or Auto Deploy in IntelliJ IDEA.