Release Notes - Payara Platform Enterprise 5.21.1

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Java EE 8 Applications

  • MicroProfile 3.3

  • Jakarta EE 8 Applications

New Feature

  • [FISH-5] Asadmin Command to Renew Self-signed Certificates used by the Domain


  • [FISH-314] Add TLS 1.3 support for OpenJDK 8

Bug Fixes

  • [FISH-35] Payara Micro system property payaramicro.logPropertiesFile and payaramicro.enableAccessLog do not work

  • [FISH-45] The Jackson-dataformat-XML OSGi module cannot be resolved in Payara 5

  • [FISH-265] Update documentation of --domain-name parameter of generate-self-signed-certificate command

  • [FISH-328] Cannot access WebConsole in secure-admin after running remove-expired-certificates

  • [FISH-342] [Community Contribution - svendiedrichsen] CopyOnWriteArrayList throws expected exceptions in WebdavServlet