Release Notes - Payara Platform Enterprise 5.25.0

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Java EE 8 Applications

  • Jakarta EE 8

  • MicroProfile 3.3

New Features

  • [FISH-105] Migrate EJB Timers from Live Instances

  • [FISH-108] Asadmin to clear out old job executions of JBatch in H2

  • [FISH-788] [Community Contribution Contribution - poikilotherm] Support sub-directories for MPCONFIG SecretDirConfigSource

  • [FISH-868] [Community Contribution Contribution - ghunteranderson] MP-JWT public key location respects HTTP cache headers


  • [FISH-31] HTTP/2 Support for JDK Native ALPN APIs

  • [FISH-886] [Community Contribution - avpinchuk] Deploy GAV from local repository

  • [FISH-982] Make the rollback-server command also restore the domain backup

  • [FISH-992] [Community Contribution - cfiguera] Default values in data source definitions when translating values

Bug Fixes

  • [FISH-222] HTTP2 tests from h2spec fail with timeout on HTTPS listener

  • [FISH-464] Race condition in Grizzly’s HTTP/2

  • [FISH-631] Infinite loop in Grizzly SSL handshake causing deadlock

  • [FISH-765] [Community Contribution - sgflt] WebModule doesn’t respect virtual server configuration

  • [FISH-885] OpenAPI document creation failed when using @Schema annotation with Enum

  • [FISH-983] Upgrade Tool says it’s upgrading remote node "localhost-domainname"

  • [FISH-989] Upgrade Tool Doesn’t Update Nodes of Non-default Domains

  • [FISH-990] OpenTracing Active Span is NULL when retrieved in EJB tracer on remote execution

  • [FISH-994] [Community Contribution - sgflt] Package jaxws opentracing to embedded Payara

  • [FISH-1017] [Community Contribution - bjetal] Payara can close JarFile instances used by current URLClassLoaders

  • [FISH-1018] Class Loader leaks on redeploy

  • [FISH-1019] [Community Contribution - bhanuunrivalled] GlassFishProperties NPE when initialised with null properties