Building Payara Tools NetBeans IDE Plugin

As Apache NetBeans IDE provides out-of-the-box support for Payara Platform, the sourcecode for the NetBeans IDE Plugin is contained within the NetBeans Code Repository.

Full, up-to-date build instructions for the NetBeans IDE can be read on the README file in the NetBeans repository


Before building the NetBeans IDE and subsequently the Payara Tools plugin for NetBeans, you will need to configure your local environment. Subsequent builds will not require these steps.

Clone the NetBeans Repository

You must first clone the repository where the plugin sourcecode is stored. NetBeans Code Repository

Install Apache Ant

Apache Ant is the build tool for the Payara Tools Eclipse IDE Plugin and must be configured locally. Install Apache Ant

JDK 11

JDK 11 is required to build and run Apache NetBeans

If you are building NetBeans on Windows. Program Files must be replaced with PROGRA~1 and Program Files (x86) must be replaced with PROGRA~2 in your ANT_HOME environment variable.

Payara Tools Code

The Payara Tools plugin code is split into five modules, these are all located under the enterprise directory:

To test any code changes, recompile the modified module, then rerun the IDE build using ant tryme.