Payara Server Asadmin Commands

All Asadmin commands supported by GlassFish Server 4 Open Source Edition are also supported by Payara Server Enterprise. Some of the commands have been extended and new commands have been added which don’t exist in GlassFish.

Here’s a list of Payara Server Asadmin commands that are not supported by GlassFish or have been modified to accept additional parameters:

Command Autocompletion

Since 5.184 

When running the asadmin utility, command autocompletion is supported similar to that found in the bash linux utility. To use this, run asadmin without any arguments. Any commands entered from this prompt can be autocompleted by tapping the <Tab> key.

Alternatively, you can generate a bash autocompletion file to allow autocompletion without entering the asadmin prompt. To find out more, read the documentation here.