Release notes - Payara Platform Community 6.2023.3

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Jakarta EE 10

  • Jakarta EE 10 Applications

  • MicroProfile 6.0

Known Issues

ASM Warning

When deploying an application that contains a Java Record, there is a warning logged in the server logs about Records not being supported. No worries. Your application will deploy and work. This is a known issue that is being looked into.

Breaking Changes

Minimum Required JDK

The minimum required JDK to run this and subsequent releases of this stream is 11.0.12

MicroProfile 6

As this release comes with MicroProfile 6, you might want to peruse its release announcement to keep on top of any possible breaking changes


  • [FISH-7206] Update the REST SSL Alias Extension for Payara 6

  • [FISH-1366] Upgrade cacerts.jks and keystore.jks to pkcs12

  • [FISH-6634] Make Notifiers Payara 6 Compatible

  • [FISH-6907] Configure SameSite Cookie Attribute Globally for an HTTP Network Listener

Bug Fixes

  • [FISH-6479] SLF4J API fails to load an implementation

  • [FISH-7016] Server Instances Zombie When Port Conflicts Are Detected During Startup

  • [FISH-7063] Publish Jakarta Platform 10 in the BOM

  • [FISH-7076] Malformed SQL when using SecondaryTable & PrimaryKeyJoinColumn annotations

  • [FISH-7077] Deploy and redeploy using local packaged file not working

  • [FISH-5981] 'java.lang.LinkageError' when using Apache Santuario and SLF4J/Logback

Component Upgrades

  • [FISH-7153] Upgrade Docker Image JDK 11 Version to 11.0.18

  • [FISH-7155] Upgrade Docker Image JDK 17 Version to 17.0.6

  • [FISH-7168] Upgrade SNMP4J in the SNMP Notifier to 3.7.5