Legacy mode of empty beans.xml

Starting with CDI 4.0, bean archives with empty beans.xml have discovery mode annotated. It is possible to activate the legacy mode option to switch this back to all discovery mode.

Enable legacy mode of empty beans.xml

The legacy mode of empty beans.xml can be enabled using the following mechanisms:

Via asadmin CLI

Using the asadmin CLI it is possible to enable legacy mode for a single application or for ALL deployed applications.

Enabling for a single application

The legacy mode can be enabled for a single application with the deploy command. Add the emptyBeansXmlModeALL=true property to the --properties argument’s value of the deploy command.

Here’s an example of enabling development mode for an application named application.war:

asadmin> deploy --properties emptyBeansXmlModeALL=true myapplication.war

Legacy mode is configured on a per-configuration basis using the create-system-properties on the fish.payara.deployment.emptyBeansXmlModeALL property like this:

asadmin create-system-properties fish.payara.deployment.emptyBeansXmlModeALL=true
The legacy mode is enabled by default for the Transformed Jakarta EE 8 application via Payara Eclipse Transformer.