Payara Server Deployment Transformer

The Deployment Transformer extension integrates the Eclipse Jakarta EE namespace transformer into Payara Server, allowing a user to have their Jakarta EE 8 applications transformed on the fly into the Jakarta EE 10 namespace.


To install the transformer extension, perform these steps:

  1. Download the implementation artifact

  2. Drop it into the ${PAYARA_HOME}/glassfish/modules directory of your Payara Server installation.

Alternatively, you can build the deployment-transformer/deployment-transformer-impl module straight from its GitHub repository (see below) and drop all JARs from the target/ directory of the extension into the same installation directory.

You can then restart the server to see your extension activated.

The 'deployment-transformer-api' artifact is already included with Payara Server. You only need to provide an implementation artifact in this case.


The transformer, once installed, is activated in one of two ways:

  • Setting the fish.payara.deployment.transform.namespace system property on the DAS and/or any instances to true

  • Deploy an application which doesn’t use jakarta. classes and uses the legacy javax. equivalents instead.

When the fish.payara.deployment.transform.namespace is set to true, the transformer will remain enabled for all subsequent deployments.