Release Highlights

This release has several notable features:

  • The Payara Micro API has been improved, now granting control over running instances and the ability to run asadmin commands.

  • There is now an auto-binding feature for the HTTP and HTTPS ports of Payara Micro instances. This feature allows Payara Micro instances to automatically find a free port if the default or specified HTTP or HTTPS ports are already bound to.

  • This release also introduces the Payara-Blue series of distributions, built using the IBM JDK for AIX systems.

See the What’s new in Payara 4.1.153 blog for descriptions of these features.

Updated Modules

This section details the modules that have been updated since the last release (

  • Mojarra 2.2.11

  • Javax XML Registry API 1.0.7

  • Weld 2.2.13.Final

  • JBatch Container 1.0.1-b08

  • JBatch SPI 1.0.1-b08

  • Grizzly 2.3.21

  • Jersey 2.19

  • Jackson 2.5.1

  • Mail 1.5.4

  • Hazelcast 3.5