Release Notes - Payara Platform Community 5.2021.8

Supported APIs and Applications

  • Jakarta EE 8

  • Java EE 8 Applications

  • Jakarta EE 9

  • MicroProfile 4.1

Breaking Changes

Client Certificate Validation Checks

After upgrading to Payara Community 5.2021.8, a certificate that was accepted in earlier versions might be rejected now. It is no longer enough that the client certificates are included within the Payara Keystore. See Certificate Expiration Validation


This version contains an experimental feature and you might see some unexpected behaviors because of this. We encourage you to open a discussion on the Payara Forum when you encounter issues that might be related to this.


  • [FISH-5687] Integrate HotSwap Agent in Payara Platform (Experimental)

  • [FISH-5686] Log Warning When Not Running on a Supported LTS JDK Version

  • [FISH-5658] Add Placeholder for Instance Names in Custom Vendor Metrics

  • [FISH-5645] Add Validity Checks on Client Certificates in the Trust Store

  • [FISH-5636] Performance Optimizations to Remote EJB Tracing Feature

  • [FISH-1467] Reload the Web Application Container and Deployer

  • [FISH-376] Allow Configuration Details of HTTP GZIP Compression*

Security Fixes

  • [FISH-5697] Upgrade H2 Database Engine to 1.4.200

Bug Fixes

  • [FISH-5768] Clustered CDI Events Not Being Received

  • [FISH-5736] Fix Unknown Exclude Field Provided Warning on Startup

  • [FISH-5734] Recursive Update Exception when Reading a MicroProfile Config Value After Server Restart

  • [FISH-5724] Deployment Failure Due to 'The lifecycle method [postConstruct] Must Not Throw a Checked Exception'

  • [FISH-5678] Jakarta Named Properties in 'persistence.xml' Are Not Recognized

  • [FISH-5675] (Community Contribution - phillipross) Full State Saving with Mojarra Results in ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

  • [FISH-470] NullPointerException when Deploying MDB into a Customized MDB Pool

Component Upgrades

  • [FISH-5776] Upgrade to Mojarra 2.3.14.payara-p3

  • [FISH-5751] Upgrade ASM to 9.1

  • [FISH-5750] Upgrade Felix to 7.0.1

  • [FISH-5698] Upgrade Apache Commons IO to Version 2.11

  • [FISH-261] Upgrade 'tini' to 0.19.0 in Docker Images