Release Highlights

The 163 release of Payara will feature a couple of new tech previews. These are new features added to Payara which we do not recommend are used on production systems. Request Tracing is a new service that will allow Payara to track and log information about the requests it handles. Payara now offers a JMX Monitoring Service. Once configured, Payara Server will monitor and log the values of attributes that have been listed for monitoring.

Updated Modules

  • ibm.Jakarta EE API/JBatch API.container.version 1.0.1.payara-p2

  • Hazelcast 3.6.4

  • Grizzly 2.3.25

  • mimepull 1.9.6

  • javax.batch-api.version 1.0.1

  • Jakarta EE API/JBatch API.container.version 1.0.1

  • Jakarta EE API/JBatch API.spi.version 1.0.1

  • Weld 2.3.5.Final

  • Tyrus 1.13


This section details the issues marked as enhancements that have been implemented for this release.

Fixed Issues

This section details the issues marked as bugs that have been fixed for this release. # Payara Fixes This section details the fixes implemented by the Payara team or community.

Upstream Fixes

There have been no upstream fixes brought in for this release.

Known Issues

Known issues can be seen on our GitHub issues page here: